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Providing one piece window film and high quality paint protection and vinyl installations


Tesla Model Y

Window Tint - Paint Protection Film - Ceramic Coating - Vinyl Wrap - LUXE

3M Ceramic IR Window Film

- Front Windshield Tint

- Moonroof Custom One Piece Tint

- Filed edges on all glass doors

- We offer shades 70,50,35,25,15 and 5%

Why tint the rear windows if they are already dark?

Although the rear windows are dark, they serve the purpose of privacy and do not have any heat rejection or UV rejection capabilities. In fact it's simply a stained glass and you can add any shade just as we would on a clear glass. Keep in mind that the darker the shade you add to the rears the darker they will become.

Most people tend to go darker for the front two doors typically around 35 to 15% because those windows are slightly  bigger than that of a Model 3 and especially if you have white interior.


Legend Paint Protection Film

We offer a variety of options for paint protection film for the Model Y.

- Full Front End PPF

This package will protect your full hood (emblem is removed), full bumper one piece, custom fenders, headlights, fog lights, door edge guards, and mirror caps.

- Full Vehicle PPF

We have two options for this package, matte and glossy PPF. The biggest advantage about doing a full body PPF is that it will protect the paint for 12 years. The matte version of the PPF has become very popular because it changes the total look and aesthetics of the vehicle. Also keep in mind that the Matte PPF could hide some minor imperfections to the paint and there is no need for a paint correction prior to install.

- PPF Application a la carte

You can also choose certain parts to be protected such as

+ Headlights/Fog LIghts

+ Mirror Caps

+ Door Edge Guards (great for kids/passengers)

+ Custom Rear Door "Shark Fin" (great with or without mud guards)

When it comes to PPF we have been very happy with the quality and clarity of Legend PPF


Ceramic Coating

We offer paint correction and ceramic coating to all painted surfaces.

In addition we also offer ceramic coating on vinyl, paint protection film, plastic trims, interior and glass.


Custom Vinyl Wrap

We also offer

Full Color Change

Pillar Delete in Glossy or Satin Black


LUXE Mid Smoke Film

We offer mid smoke film for headlights, tail lights and side markers


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